• Q: Who can list here? 
  • A: Any business operating in the legal space who has a product or service to offer consumers and abides by reasonable business practices.
  • Q: Can I list for free?
  • A: Yes, you can have a free basic listing for a limited time.


  • Q: Can I have more than one listing?
  • A: Yes. You may want to have a personal listing that is separate from your firm's listing. Duplicate free listings, however, are not allowed and will be deleted.


  • Q: Do I have to have a PayPal Account to pay my fees?
  • A: No. You can use PayPal as a credit card processing vendor without having an account.


  • Q: I changed my mind on which listing level I want, but I've just created my account. How do I upgrade my listing?
  • A: Go to Manage My Listings under Listings. Click on your Listing Title when it appears. Select Edit Listing Level. Select the new listing level you want. Fill out the information all the way to the end, including if you have a discount code. The system will lead you through payment, and the site administrator will review and approve within 2 business days. NOTE: listings cannot be downgraded and accounts previously using discount codes require site administrator assistance to upgrade.


  • Q: How do I edit my listing information?
  • A: Go to Manage My Listings under Listings. Click on your Listing Title when it appears. Select Edit Listing Information. Add or change information as you like.


  • Q: What kinds of listings don't get accepted?
  • A: We'll remove or deny any listings that are defamatory, pornographic, obvious fraud or political in nature. A rule of thumb is that if it isn't a real company doing real business in the legal industry, it won't be accepted.


  • Q: Is it possible to add more sub-categories?
  • A: We are limiting categories and sub-categories to keep the site as clean and simple as possible. We recognize, however, that we may have missed a few categories here and there that would be useful to our visitors. If you have a category you believe would benefit our users, please email your suggested category to the site administrator at customercare@ripoffreportlegaldirectory.com and let us know why you think it should be added.


  • Q: I didn't realize I only get 2 free categories with my paid listing and I want to go back and remove the third one, so I don't have to pay for it. What do I do?
  • A: Unfortunately, you will need to start over. We're working to fix that. Notify the site administrator of what happened at customercare@ripoffreportlegaldirectory.com.